oil pressure, no prob!

Of course I’m always extolling the virtues of the fabled 300tdi engine so it was a bit embarrassing when, as I sat talking to a friend, the oil warning light started flickering. You know that sudden hollow feeling in the pit of the stomach and the thoughts start churning through the brain. How can I afford a new engine? Has it got enough oil in? Has a turbo feed pipe bust?

A quick view underneath the bonnet revealed…..nothing amiss! The dipstick was showing the correct level and I had changed the oil at the normal 5000 mile interval. A rev of the engine and the light went out, sooooo, what was the problem?

I got back in and carried on chatting much to my mate’s consternation and surprise. ‘You don’t seem very worried’, he said. Little did he know that I had a very good idea what the problem was.

A long, long while ago I had an equally heart stopping moment with a Landie series three with a Perkins 3.3 in it. I was even more impecunious then so it was a serious blow. All the bad thoughts rushed through my head until an old boy who moored his boat at the same boatyard as meĀ  leaned his head through the window and asked what the trouble was. He really was a guru of all things Land Rover and ran an immaculate old LWB series two. When I told him that the oil light had just started flickering and I was panicking he laughed! Yes, laughed. I thought that was a bit much until he told me that in his experience it was just the oil pressure sender unit. He was of course spot on and it was a very relieved young man that profusely thanked old Harold, God rest his soul.

Well there we go then, the reason why I wasn’t bothered when the light flickered on the Disco. There is a sequel to this, as always. I found an oil pressure switch in the workshop and fitted it and……..how unusual, it stayed unlit with the ignition on and lit when the engine started! Oh, pooh, it was a hydraulic pressure switch off one of the diggers. Still, it showed that there was nowt wrong with the oil pressure and as soon as the new pressure switch is delivered I’ll get it sorted properly.

As always, drive safely and remember that the shiny side should be at the top!

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